Liquid Soap


Indulge in this exquisite liquid Marseille soap from the Panier des Sens collection. Truly captivating the essence of Provence, this formula consists of essential oils of Lemon, Artemisia and Cypress. These citrus-based essential oils quicken body dynamism and help to reduce tiredness of the epidermis with their fruity and sunny scents. The cypress essential oil brings power and warmth to the fragrance while the Artemisia balance properties soften the formula to make it perfect for daily usage.

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  • Detail

    • Provence Liquid Soap
    • 500 ML
    • Liquid Soap
    • Fragrance - Citrus
    • Made From Vegetable Oil
    • Vegan Friendly
    • 96% Naturally Sourced Ingredients
    • Made in France

    • Store Inquiries: RI002751
  • Dimensions

    Capacity:500 ML

  • Care & Maintenance

    Apply to wet hands, gently emulsify and rinse.