Seville Tea Kettle

The Seville Kettle is a masterful fusion of glass and stainless steel, epitomizing both style and functionality. With a clear glass body, it offers a modern aesthetic that complements any kitchen. This kettle features a removable stainless steel strainer and lid, ensuring versatility for various brewing needs. Elevate your tea and coffee experience with the Seville Kettle's elegant design and practical features.
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  • Detail

    Seville Tea Kettle Dia25 x H8.8 CM

    • Glass & Stainless Steel
    • 1000 ml
    • Fusion of glass and stainless steel
    • Clear glass body
    • Removable stainless steel strainer
    • Removable lid
    • Imported

  • Dimensions

    Height:8.8 cm

    Diameter:25 cm

    Capacity:1000 ML

  • Care & Maintenance

    Hand Wash It In Warm Soapy Water After Use.Wipe Clean With A Soft And Dry Cloth After Washing.
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